This ambitious project will leverage Europe’s leadership potential through an innovative, “More Moore” Technology, contributing to the development of a strong and competitive ECS industry in the EU.

Firstly, WAYTOGO FAST will strengthen the supply side of ECS within Europe, with an original and complementary More Moore technology. Alongside mainstream CMOS technology, the added value of FDSOI comes from its major advantages when used for ‘power conscious’ applications. From this, in the medium term, it will foster the demand side by supporting the mobile convergence market and the emerging market of smart connected objects and “Internet of Things”.

The direct impact of WAYTOGO FAST will be to speed up the competitiveness of FDSOI by offering a higher performance node architecture and substrate, driving its manufacturability within a short time-to-market and demonstrating its superiority in low-power applications.

Hervé Jaouen
24 months
M€ 169.42