Mobility.E Lighthouse Initiative supports the roadmap towards safe, electric, automated/ autonomous and connected smart mobility.
The lighthouse focuses on addressing major technological, legal and infrastructure innovation challenges facing the large-scale deployment of safe, electrically powered, automated/autonomous and connected vehicles. Its goal is the deployment of a zero-emission/ zero-accident intelligent mobility systems accessible by all.
Automated/autonomous driving is a disruptive technology that opens the door to future multi-billion markets. It provides business opportunities to value chains in the automotive and semiconductor industry.
“One of the paradigm shifts, occurring in the automotive industry, is the emergence of Mobility as a Service. In aviation, this concept is already long established. Soon, all we will be concerned about is that we leave and arrive on schedule, safe and sound, and that the trip fulfils our wishes in terms of comfort and convenience. This is where the Lighthouse will focus its beam – to light the way to all the technical and non-technical issues, so that, along the roadmap, we can overcome bumps, obstacles and potholes that we may come up against.”
Flyer: A short descriptive flyer is available here