Pilot Integration of 3nm Semiconductor Technology

PIn3S is aboutPilot Integration of 3nm Semiconductor Technology”. This covers Process Integration, creation of Lithography Equipment, EUV Mask Repair Equipment and Metrology tools capable of dealing with 3D structures, defects analysis, overlay and feature size evaluation. Each of these objectives will be achieved by close cooperation between key European equipment developers and suppliers; ASML, Zeiss, Thermo Fisher, Applied Materials (Belgium and Israel), Nova, KLA Israel, Coventor (Lam Research), Recif, Pfeiffer, VDL ETG, Prodrive Sioux-CCM, Berliner Glas, IBS, Solmates, scia Sytems together with the involvement of a strong knowledge network based on Universities in Romania, the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest  and in the Netherland, the Technical University of Delft and the University of Twente, complemented with key Technology Institutes such as imec in Belgium and Fraunhofer in Germany.

PIn3S drives the ambition of the European Semiconductor Equipment industry for advanced semiconductor technologies to lead the world in miniaturization by supplying new equipment and materials approximately two years ahead of introduction of volume production of advanced semiconductor manufacturers. With the results of the PIn3S project, the consortium builds on facilitating IC manufacturers’ migration to the 3nm Technology node, which itself enables a class of new products with more functionality, more performance and are more power efficient. As such, it will form the basis for innovations yet to come, enabling solutions that address the societal challenges in communication, mobility, health care, security, energy and safety & security.

Frans List
36 months
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Pilot Integration of 3nm Semiconductor Technology