Distributed Artificial Intelligent Systems

The use of artificial intelligence in edge computing based on ubiquitous small and connected devices is entering a new era. The results of the first era do not bode well for Europe: though often based on European inventions, the standards are set and most components are produced in other regions. DAIS will strengthen Europe’s position by putting European values at the core of the ECS components that will shape this new era - self-organization, privacy by design and low use of energy - and delivering the technology needed to protect these values. 

DAIS focuses on very early pan-European cooperation to ramp up the capabilities needed to deliver these new components. In order to complement huge IT leaders, so cooperation from a very early stage is key. All partners in the project participate in delivering key parts of these new ECS components. The project will demonstrate the use of these components in three key industrial areas for Europe  , providing the early examples needed to un-lock corporate and external funding and deliver on the promise of this very exciting and challenging project.

The DAIS project will research, promote and deliver distributed artificial intelligence systems, as well as respective architectures, solving the problems of running existing algorithms on these vastly distributed edge devices. DAIS is organized around eight different supply chains: five focus on delivering the hardware and software that is needed to run industrial grade AI on different type of networking topologies, while three others will demonstrate how known AI challenges, from different functional areas, are met by this pan European effort.

With forty-seven parties from eleven different countries, DAIS fosters cooperation between large and leading industrial players from different domains, several highly innovative SMEs, and cutting-edge research organisations and universities from all over Europe. Each of the supply chains, in which the partners collaborate, delivers its findings for broader dissemination through a special work package to directly influence industrial standards. To address the take up of digital transformations and digital innovations it will be paramount to use open, international and public available standards. This will also support the SME industry with services to adopt new technology to increase interoperability of information technology, common enterprise-wide views of information, obsolescence of information technology and freedom from vendor lock-in. 

The DAIS project aims to tilt in Europe’s favour the global competitive scale in this key ECS domain in Europe’s favour. The outcome will help European industry stay at the global forefront with many of its developed and manufactured components, including distributed AI enabling ones, proudly showing “Made in Europe” logos.

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Distributed Artificial Intelligent Systems