Arrowhead Tools

European investment for Digitalisation and Automation Leadership

The road to industrial digitalisation is still long and winding, mainly due to the unpredictable cost and utilisation efficiency of various architectural choises. Arrowhead Tools is a very ambitious project which will bring innovative digitalisation and automation solutions for European industry, closing the gaps that hinder IT/OT integration. By introducing new technologies in an open source platform for design and run-time engineering, Arrowhead Tools renders the efficient development of IoT and System of Systems tractable.

These gaps will be addressed by four major components of the Arrowhead Tools concept:

  • Provision of a mature service integration platform providing extensive interoperability between IoT services and legacy technology, together with management capabilities for dynamic configuration and orchestration of System of Systems solutions.
  • Provision of efficient procedures, tools and integrated tool chains for engineering, of service platform-based digitalisation and automation solutions in both design time and run time.
  • Provision of training material (HW and SW) for upgrading of industry personnel
  • Feasibility verification of the above procedures, technologies and materials through demonstrators in a wide range of applications use cases, each with clearly identified exploitation potential.

A successful execution of the Arrowhead Tools concept and approach is expected to significantly reduce the overall engineering cost for digitalisation and automation solutions. Such solutions will impact our society in a way where our society is increasingly and seamlessly sharing information for benefit of e.g. production efficiency, energy efficiency, transportation efficiency, and environmental footprint. To a large extent, Software technology supporting System of Systems integration is the enables for the emerging SoS market. The total SoS market growth from 2016-2025 from 500B€ to estimated 3.900B€-11.100B€ [EMBEDDED INTELLIGENCE: TRENDS & CHALLENGES, Advancy, Artemis 2019] it is expected that Arrowhead Tools will positively impact both the global growth rate and the European competitive position.

Jerker Delsing
36 months
M€ 90
European investment for Digitalisation and Automation Leadership