Yves Gigase appointed as acting Executive Director of KDT JU

Dr Yves Gigase - Acting Executive Director

Dr. Yves Gigase has been nominated as acting Executive Director of the Joint Undertaking by the Governing Board of KDT JU.

He has an extensive experience in the ECS community, joined in 2009 one of the first Joint undertakings ENIAC JU as Head of Programmes and continued in that position under ECSEL JU and KDT JU. Prior to joining ENIAC, he was Programme Officer in the AIDCO directorate and held various positions in companies active in semiconductor manufacturing, telecommunications, optoelectronics, semiconductor equipment manufacturing, consumer electronics, consultancy. His many years of experience will prove an asset in preparing the KDT JU towards the Chips JU. He holds a Master in the Science of Engineering and a PhD from the University of Gent.