Productive 4.0 – a very productive project indeed!


ECSEL JU funded project “Productive4.0” has come to a very successful conclusion and has produced this video as a summary of the project’s considerable achievements.

One of the largest collaborative projects of its type, with more than 100 partners from 19 European countries, the project’s ambitions were correspondingly large, covering virtually all areas of the manufacturing supply chain logistics and product lifecycle, facilitating the digitalisation of manufacturing industries and their related domains. This is only possible through large-scale collaboration across the length and breath of the complete manufacturing ecosystem, which on top requires large-scale agreements on protocols and adoption of standards, many of which are derived from the outcomes of previous collaborative projects.

The project was coordinated by Infineon Technologies, who has considerable experience in managing such complex projects. Still, with a consortium comprising 41 Research organisations, 23 Information Technology companies, 18 Automation specialists, 12 Semiconductor companies, 6 Automotive businesses, 4 Manufacturing firms, 2 Engineering companies, one Chemical company and one Finance organisation, it remains a formidable task but, in the mindset of “no pain, no gain”, the rewards will be correspondingly great. And not only for the project participants. The positive impact for manufacturing industries across Europe coupled with energy-and environmentally aware solutions brings benefits for the whole of society.

Full details of the project are available at its website, Productive 4.0.