Powering the Digital Transformation in Europe


Impact on business and on society for the greater good of both: this is the core of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking programme. At the request of the ECSEL JU Governing Board, Deloitte and VVA recently published updated reports, which focuses mainly on the direct impact and benefits for project participants.

"Powering the Digital Transformation in Europe" goes beyond these somewhat narrow confines to examine the broader impact and socio-economic value of RD&I programmes as championed by ECSEL JU, including several high-level evaluations and tangible examples. Compiled during the largest crisis since World War 2, a pandemic with tragic loss of life and far-reaching economic consequences, it examines how technologies enabled by ECS have proven their extreme value during this time. It casts light on their crucial role in intelligent socio-economic recovery and for the structural changes needed in securing the future in all areas of society.

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