Industry4.E e-book available for download.


ECSEL JU Lighthouse Initiative Industry4.E has released another publication: a downloadable e-book "Navigating EU Projects - Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Tools for Success".

The e-book provides guidelines for building and implementing a quality communication, dissemination and exploitation strategy for collaborative projects and helps deciding which tools to use. The publication offers a searchable catalogue of tools for communication, dissemination, and exploitation in accordance with the current requirements of EU-funded projects and provides real-life success stories, best practice implementation, and notable project results, including examples from the Industry4.E Lighthouse Initiative projects, that can help project managers improve the project impact (societal, economic, environmental), as well as improve knowledge transfer and exploitation of results. The information has been condensed from expert input through the activities of the Industry4.E Lighthouse Initiative, augmenting the knowledge, lessons-learnt and best practice from a variety of experts in the field to improve the impact associated with outreach activities in EU projects.