iDev40 releases an excellent video presenting the project's achievements

Digitalization and automation shape production technologies, supply chains, and work places of the future. To enable this transformation, industry and research efforts must be well organized. Therefore, ECSEL Joint Undertaking funded one of its largest research project, iDev40 (integrated Development 4.0). Over the course of more than 3 years, the project achieved remarkable results. The fulfillment of the overall project goal was demonstrated by the impact of digitalization on ECS manufacturing domains in the context of industrial use cases. iDev40 successfully developed methods, tools and approaches supporting the digital transformation of the project partner’s organizations and set them up for the implementation in the respective working environments. Additionally, digital solutions were developed and prepared for market introduction. iDev40 successfully installed digital transformation approaches via use cases, ready to serve the ECS industry.

The impressive results the project has achieved were summarized in this excellent video.