European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems 2017 – Our Digital Future


The first edition of the European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems (EFECS) 2017 took place in Brussels from the 5th and 7th December under the theme “Our Digital Future”, jointly organized by ECSEL JU, three industry associations ARTEMIS-IA, EPoSS and AENEAS, and the European Commission (DG CNECT).

The major objective of the event was to collect input about the new Strategic Research Agenda for Electronic Components and Systems (ECS-SRA). This document, currently under construction by a shared team of experts from AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS, aims at developing a common strategy for Europe for RD&I in Electronic Components and Systems. EFECS provided an excellent opportunity to exchange opinions and feedback on each chapter of the document, as well as bring together project ideas related to topics presented.

The event gathered more than 540 participants, including high-level industry and research representatives, as well as a wide range of crucial decision makers in the ECS sector. The three-day conference offered multiple ways to be informed, and get involved in the future development of the ECS industry in Europe.

The ECSEL Joint Undertaking hosted two panel discussions dedicated to two running Lighthouse Initiatives (a new tool to address challenges across and within sectors and minimise fragmented and individual approaches in key areas), on Industry 4.0 and Mobility. This was also an opportunity to present the upcoming Calls 2018 information for ECSEL JU, together with other funding instruments, and to disseminate the results and achievements of currently running projects.

The award session, concluding the three-day event, included an ECSEL JU Dissemination Award. The prize was awarded to the projects DEWI and its successor SCOTT, for the excellent job done to maximize the visibility and the potential of both projects. DEWI and SCOTT tackle safety and security issues around wireless connectivity, and the projects’ consortia are led by the VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Centre, Austria. Also, two ECSEL JU funded projects in the smart mobility domain, 3Ccar and its successor AutoDrive, both led by the INFINEON Technology, Austria, won an award for the best project poster at the exhibition, which was open for all participants during the entire event.

You can find all presentations given at the event here

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