EFECS2019 Pilot Lines Impact workshop




The EFECS co-located workshop “ECSEL Pilot lines success stories and impact” was successfully organised by STMicroelectronics in cooperation with its partners CEA- LETI,   TU Darmstadt, SOITEC, Global Foundries, LYNRED, Robert Bosch GmbH on Tuesday November 19th at Helsinki.

It provided a unique opportunity to share with EFECS participants the results of these ECSEL pilot lines and a common vision defined by 3 key attributes: Scale, Persistence and Excellence.  

  • Scale, by mobilizing large communities with a mix of companies and public research organizations and reinforcing partnerships. They had the critical mass to work along the technology/supply chain -From materials to product- and along the value chain to accelerate the co-innovation and market adoption and strengthen demand in Europe
  • Persistence and continuity, as these projects belong to a pipeline of ambitious projects around technologies such as FDSOI, RFSOI and memories for MCUs. 
  • These projects provided Excellence as the different examples of success stories can testify (link to presentations)

The presented projects were:

  • PANACHE: Developed an embedded flash technology platform dedicated to the design of innovative microcontrollers and their manufacturing. 
  • REFERENCE:  Developed innovative RF-SOI substrates & technologies (including move to 300mm) enabling the realization of integrated front-end modules, and system level demonstrators for cellular, aeronautics, paving the way to 5G.
  • POLIS: Developed differentiating technologies enabling the prototyping of a large range of innovative sensors and breakthrough micro-displays such as: Low-cost Infrared thermal sensors for consumer markets, high luminance low power micro-displays for augmented reality applications, gestures recognition sensors and depth-map camera based on Time-of-Flight, etc.
  • Lab4MEMS II: Developed innovative technologies on advanced Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems. This Pilot line realized a variety of devices including optical switch, array of micro-mirrors, optical cross-connect, lasers and micro lens amongst others.
  • WAYTOGOFAST : Developed the competitiveness of FDSOI by offering higher performance node architectures in 22FDX and 28FDSOI and their substrate manufacturing.

Speaking at the event

Programme of the event:  

10.00 Introduction Chairman - Dominique Thomas, STMicroelectronics
   Academics and RTOs   
10.10 ECSEL Pilot lines impact and Scientific dissemination - Christophe Wyon, CEA LETI
10.25 PANACHE results and scientific dissemination- Prof. Dr. Lambert Alff - Technische Universität Darmstadt
10.40 REFERENCE innovative RF-SOI substrates & technologies, impact and exploitation - François Brunier, SOITEC
10.55 WAYTOGOFAST impact and exploitation- Peter Javorka, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
11.10 POLIS project impact and exploitation Imaging Sensors, Patrick Abraham, LYNRED
11.25 PANACHE- Application of advanced eFlash for automated, connected and electrified driving - Mathias Illing, Robert Bosch GmbH
11.40 PANACHE & Labs4Mems-II - Microcontrollers and mems portfolio development, Roberto Zafalon, STMicroelectronics
11.55 Conclusion, Yves Gigase, ECSEL JU

Yves Gigase


  1. Intro
  2. LETI
  3. PANACHE-TU Darmstadt V3
  4. REFERENCE Soitec
  5. Globalfoundries Peter Javorka
  6. POLIS Lynred
  7. Panache RBosch
  8. ST
  9. ECSEL JU - Yves Gigase