ECSEL JU's new "Shout about it" campaign


ECSEL JU has launched a new campaign, aimed to help their projects broaden their dissemination scope and to give visibility to the programme impact more generally. By collecting, cataloguing and re-distributing web links to the projects' publications - of any sort - the plan is designed to make visible the positive impact of the project funding to a broader audience. To help with this, ECSEL JU developed a new poster, available to all stakeholders and especially to the projects who help in this campaign. "We are constantly reminded that our community is very good at communicating amongst themselves." says Alun Foster, Head of Dissemination at ECSEL JU. “This is essential for keeping the community vibrant. However, there are many other communities out there who are unaware of what’s available that they could make use of, or what has been achieved across many diverse fields. We need to keep searching for new ways to inform those other communities about our output and its potential impact.”

Executive Director Bert De Colvenaer adds: “ECSEL JU is one of a family of ‘Joint Technology Initiatives’ – Public-Private-Partnerships that feed Research and Innovation in Europe. We see that this model in especially potent in creating major initiatives that bind otherwise dispersed results together, to bring real benefits for society and for businesses. Like ECSEL JU ‘Lighthouse Initiatives’ for example. The EU is right now in the process of defining its programmes for the future. We are passionate that this unique collaborative model is essential for Europe’s future and that it brings real, impactful results. More to the point – we can prove it, too. And we need to keep showing this to everyone who can benefit from the work our projects have delivered.”

Please use this link to participate in the "Shout" programme.