ECSEL JU Health.E Lighthouse Platform drops a video reportage of their closing symposium

The ECSEL JU “Health.E” Lighthouse Initiative concentrated on developing “open technology platforms” (a set of common technologies and processes required to make a broad range of electronic medical instruments) as a means to accelerate the development of cutting-edge medical devices at much reduced cost. This brings the high rate of technological advances in micro- and nano-electronics to bear on the important issues of healthcare more quickly, without compromise on the rigorous clinical certification requirements.

Over the last three years, the ECSEL JU Health.E lighthouse explored the possibilities, advantages and issues associated with open technology platforms for emerging medical devices. Among several important publications, two workshops were organized and two important whitepapers have been published. The insights gained across many sectors in the field as well as key stakeholders  (research organisations, SMEs and large industries) were presented and discussed during this symposium.

Check out the video here.

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