The deal on the EU Chips Act has been reached

The 4th EU trialogue between the European Commission, Council of the EU, and European Parliament, which took place on Monday, 18th of April 2023, reached an agreement on the European Chips Act proposed by the European Commission in February 2022. The deal secured an increased budget amounting to a total of €3.3 billion for the Chips for Europe Initiative and adopted a set of measures to boost investment in the Chips industry. 

The agreement is designed to attract new businesses and talent, and ensure large scale support for semiconductor production. The investors will benefit from a favourable environment for investments, which includes fast permitting, a clear framework for state aid and a extended support for SMEs. 

KDT JU to become Chips Joint Undertaking

Building on the existing KDT JU, the deal will reinforce the competences of its successor, the future Chips Joint Undertaking, giving it even more ambitious scope & significantly increased budget. The Chips JU will pool resources from the EU, including the Horizon Europe and the Digital Europe Programme, Participating States, as well as the private sector. On top of managing the annual Calls for Proposals in the ECS sector, the new Chips JU will also be responsible for the selection of the centres of excellence, as part of its new work programme. 

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