BI/OND - Building a bridge between biology and engineering


Founded in 2017, this young start-up company building on results from ECSEL JU medical project InForMed, has developed a computer chip and a platform where biologists can place an individual’s cells. This innovative microchip nourishes, stimulates and monitors the cells as if they were in the human body. This will allow to perform much more accurate drug testing and simulations of any tissue type, taking into account differences between individuals, such as ethnicity, age or gender, which were so far ignored by modern medical treatments.

BI/OND’s patented organ-on-chip technology allows treatment to be optimised for different applications, including heart, lung, brain and cancer tissues. These dynamic functionalities allow researchers to find the right medicine for a specific individual, paving the way for personalised medicine. The product’s uniqueness derives from the power of microelectronics.

BI/OND’s relatively cheap and highly customisable technology can be used to conduct ground-breaking research by growing 3D cell cultures in an environment that mimics the human body. Organ-on-chip is a very promising methodology that is expected to lead to improved success in drug development, lower costs and less animal testing. 

The company has just secured €250,000 of growth capital from early-stage investment fund UNIIQ. BI/OND will use part of the investment to expand its already strong team with engineers to work on scaling up the highly promising technology. It will also invest in research and development and intellectual property activities. 

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