Industry Associations in KDT JU

The role of Industry Associations in the KDT JU

The three Industry Associations that are partnering in the KDT JU with the European Commission and the Participating States represent RD&I actors, such as large companies, SME, RTOs and universities. Their members participate in the KDT programme through collaborative projects.

  • AENEAS is an Industry Association promoting RD&I in Electronic Components & Systems to strengthen European competitiveness.
  • INSIDE Industry Association is the association for actors in Embedded Intelligent Systems within Europe. 
  • EPoSS e.V., the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration, is an industry-driven policy initiative, defining R&D and innovation needs and requirements related to Smart Systems Integration and integrated Micro- and Nano systems.

The three Industry Associations each have a seat with voting rights in the JU Governing Board, allowing them to represent the interests of their members and get the best conditions for their RD&I activities, be it in terms of topics covered by the Calls for proposals or the funding conditions of the associated grants.

For testimonials on how the members of Industry Associations have taken full advantage of the ECSEL JU, the predecessor to KDT JU, you can refer to the brochure ”ECSEL Joint Undertaking powering the digital transformation in Europe – A stakeholders’ impact assessment of the ECSEL JU programme”.

The Associations are fully engaged to make KDT JU an even bigger success than its predecessors.

The members of the 3 Industry Associations enjoy multiple added-value benefits:

  • a single voice of the ECS domain towards the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Council, as well as to national Public Authorities, at the highest level
  • Advocacy actions for increased investments in trans-national RD&I collaborations
  • Read here the ECS- SRIA 2023 Synopsis for Decision Makers
  • Drafting of the foundational text of future initiatives
  • Participating as private members in the Private Members Board (PMB) and the Governing Board of the KDT JU, hence contributing to its strategic orientation, implementation and operation.
  • Sharing information on the latest directions of and decisions on the KDT JU programme as well as on the calls for proposals.
  • Producing the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, which serves as the basis for KDT JU, EUREKA Xecs and other programmes. See the final ECS-SRIA 2023 
  • Offering a networking tool and a platform for sharing project ideas
  • Organising events and networking opportunities, facilitating access to RD&I collaborations.
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As the industry associations are committed to the EC to co-finance the administrative costs of the KDT JU Office in Brussels, the industry associations invoice contributions to their members.

More about these financial contributions can be found on each association’s dedicated webpage:

For more information on the advantages of membership and for membership application, please refer to the industry association’s websites: