Accelerate innovation in medical devices by “Moore for Medical”


News: Read the Whitepaper "Emerging Medical Domains for the ECS industry" (Nov 2020) here:    Whitepaper cover illustration


To enable affordable healthcare in an aging society, healthcare is moving from centralized symptomatic treatment towards preventive, predictive and participatory care. Researchers in academia and industry are developing technologies and systems that will keep people healthy longer and allow patients to remain independent as long as possible in their own home environment.  
E-health will provide solutions for a wide range of health-related societal challenges. It will keep track of a person’s health or the response to medicines by continuous monitoring with smart body patches, which will reduce the need for hospitalization. Miniaturized smart catheters and laparoscopic instruments will further facilitate key-hole surgery. Implantable neuromodulation devices will control specific organs, avoiding the side-effects of conventional medication. Organs-on-chips are combining the latest developments in stem cell research with micro-fluidic devices for the development of new precision medicines. Finally, the data collected with these systems and other diagnostic equipment will be used to create digital representations of persons that can be used to predict in-silico the effectiveness of medicines and therapies. 
The industrial innovation in medical devices and systems is lagging behind in comparison to the innovation speed in the consumer electronics industry. This is not only caused by strict quality regulations, but also by the fact that the volumes are often small compared to consumer products, which requires significant investments in non-standard manufacturing technologies. Many breakthrough innovations therefore simply do not make it to the market and end up in the “valley of death.”  
  • The Health.E lighthouse will accelerate the innovation in medical electronic systems by: 
  • Serving the needs of medtech and pharma by ECS (electronic components and systems) solutions;
  • Stimulating the open technology platform model;
  • develop the Lighthouse Initiative Roadmap;
  • Reducing fragmentation and duplication by creating a sustainable ecosystem that covers the complete value chain, consisting of technology suppliers, device manufacturers and end-users, transcending project boundaries
  • Reaching out to other European initiatives and communities.

Presentation: a presentation about the Health.E Lighthouse Initiative is available here.
Flyer: A short descriptive flyer is available here.
Articles: ARTEMIS MagazineEU Research no 17 and Scitech Europa

Health.E lighthouse projects (provisional):

  • POSITION-II (ECSEL - cornerstone project)
    • Open technology platforms for smart catheters and implants
    • Development of an open technology platforms for smart body patches
  • InForMed (ECSEL) 
    • A pilot line for micro-fabricated medical devices
  • ORCHID (H2020)
    • European roadmap for Organ-on-Chip

Health.E Lighthouse Initiative Advisory Service:

  • Ronald Dekker (Philips)
  • Magda Chlebus (EFPIA)
  • Peter Zandbergen (COCIR)
  • Mart Graef (TUDelft)
  • Patrick Boisseau (ESTHER)
  • Renzo Dal Molin  (EPoSS)
  • Karl Ziegelbauer (Bayer Pharma AG)

For more information, please contact: