ECSEL JU Useful Information

This section contains additional information that may be of use to ECSEL JU Project Coordinators and partners (or potential partners) alike.

Should you have any questions about participating in ECSEL JU projects or during the running of your project, please check below - you may already find the answer!


Logos and Information About Use

ECSEL JU projects must state their funding sources in publications they make (see the JU Grant Agreement below), being the Horizon 2020 programme (via ECSEL JU) and of course not forgetting the National/Regional Funding Authorities also supporting the project. They must also display the ECSEL JU logo and the EU emblem. 

To help you with this, you can find the JU logos and further information below.

ZIP archive format ECSEL JU Logos can be downloaded here.

The zip file contains the JU logo in a number of formats and resolutions (which can be seen from their file name/type and the name of the folder they are in). ECSEL JU logo exists in four layout versions, numbered 1 to 4. You may chose the one that best suits the layout needs of the document. The logos are suitable for digital rendering (web, ...) or for print (the CMYK version is recommended). Though mostly in 3 colours, these logos render well in greyscale printing, too. A "binary" version is also available, for B/W-only applications. Please note also that you may not modify the JU logo in any way, except by scaling it to appropriate size while maintaining its aspect ratio. 

The distribution also contains files with just the "Delta" of the logo in a small JPEG format (white background) and also in PNG format with transparent background. These are useful for making "bullets" in text or to liven up presentations.

Copyright: The ECSEL JU logo is copyright, though free use is authorised for the purposes described here. Uses not related to the promotion of ECSEL JU projects are not authorised. Specifically, its use must not create the impression or assumption that there is a connection between the user and the ECSEL JU where this connection does not exist, it does not lead the public to believe that the user benefits from the support, sponsorship, approval or consent of the ECSEL JU where this is not the case, and it is not used in connection with any objective or activity which is incompatible with the aims and principles of the ECSEL JU, or is otherwise unlawful.

EU Emblems:

ZIP archive formatEU emblems can be downloaded here.

For the information about the use of the EU emblem, please refer to the guidelines at:

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Digital Showcase


The 5E Digital Showcase is an online platform designed to increase visibility of innovative European electronics products, in particular products whose innovative character builds further on relevant EU-funded project results. The showcase is an initiative of the EU (H2020) funded project “eeeee” (5E).

More information:

5E Digital Showcase site:

Application form:


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Multi-Annual Strategic Plan

Picture of the SRA document

The Multi-Annual Strategic Plan is the technical agenda for RD&I for the ECSEL JU programme. The technical topics it described are reference by the various Calls for Proposals issued by ECSEL JU.

The MASP 2020 can be downloaded here.



The ECSEL JU MASP is derived from the ECS Strategic Research Agenda published by the AENEAS, ARTEMIS and EPoSS Associaitions. The source document can be accessed here.


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Partner Search Tools

To help (potential or new) partners to participate in ECSEL JU projects, Member organisations of ECSEL JU have on-line tools to help search for project / partner ideas. 

ECS Collaboration Tool

ECS Collaboration Tool Logo.jpg

ARTEMIS-IA (now called "Inside") and AENEAS Associations - members of the ECSEL-JU - have now merged their collaboration support tools into a single co-managed service: the ECS Collaboration Tool: one tool to facilitate easy information exchange within the ECS community and allow the collection and management of all relevant data, ideas and project proposals in one place. Visit, create an account and start networking online.

Horizon2020 Funding & tender opportunities Portal:


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Dissemination Support

ECSEL JU is dedicated to helping ECSEL funded projects disseminate information about their goals and their activities. 

For each ECSEL Project, in addition to an entry in the ECSEL JU Web-site, under “Projects”, ECSEL JU Office can help with he creation of digital layouts of:

Example project poster
  • A project flyer
  • A project poster

The project flyer can be made available to the consortium in a (.pdf) format suitable for printing at their own expense, if they desire, and in a format for direct viewing. One copy of the project poster will be printed by ECSEL JU (A0 or B0 format) for use at community project exhibition events. The digital file is available to the coordinator in case more copies of the poster are needed.

We use a standard layout form for these items, and the text, diagrams and other illustrations provided to us by the project should be considered to fit this format. The text of the introductory paragraphs will be redacted by ECSEL JU to target “an informed but non-specialist audience”, while the technical details will be language-checked/corrected only. Coordinators may add additional posters for specific purposes, of course, but the one “official” JU poster should always be presented at public events when requested to do so by ECSEL JU.





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Communication tips

CDE guide cover graphic

The EU IPR Helpdesk have issued a useful publication, designed to help get more out of your ECSEL JU / H2020 funded project through better Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation activities. You can download the document here.




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Coordinator's Info Day presentations

The presentations from the Coordinator's Information Day 2021 can be downloaded from the list below.


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Model Grant- and Project Consortium Agreements

Links to the official MGA documents:

  1. ECSEL JU MGA - Multi-Beneficiary (
  2. H2020 Annotated Grant Agreement  (

The Industry Associations participating in ECSEL JU have made available a template Project Consortium Agreement (PCA). This can be found on the Association's websites, for example here.

Note that the ECSEL JU MGA and the H2020 Annotated MGA are obligatory documents. A PCA is also obligatory, but use of the model PCA linked to here is optional.

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