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For convenience, you can find a collection of public reports for transparency purposes at this link.

 Transparency Reports  


KDT ED 2021.11- 4rd Amendment WP2021

Executive Director, Decisions

KDT JU Work Programme 2021 (v6 -16 dec 2021)

Call Documents, Decisions

ECSEL Lighthouse4.E_Whitepaper_2021 v2


ECSEL Health.E-Whitepaper2020


ECSEL ED 2020.316 - Annex 7-Procurement


ECSEL ED 2020.316 - Annex 6-Grant management


ECSEL ED 2020.316 - Annex 3-Access to documents


ECSEL ED 2020.309 - 14th Amendment WP2020-v16 04 August 20 Clean SIGNED

Executive Director, Decisions, Governing Board, Decisions, Work Plan, MASP

ECSEL ED 2020.307 – 15th Amendment WP2020-v15 30 July 20 signed

Executive Director, Decisions, Governing Board, Decisions

ECSEL ED 2020.305 - 12th Amendment WP2020-v14 08 July 2020