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ECSEL GB.2017.84 Work Plan 2017 - V9 20171103
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ECSEL GB.2017.84 - Work plan 2017-V9 20171103



Date Change
06/11/2017 Work Plan updated: (Doc: Work Plan 2017-V9-20171103)
29/08/2017 Work Plan updated: (Doc: Work plan 2017-V7-20170829)
12/06/2017 Work Plan updated: (Doc: Work plan 2017-V6 - 20170612)
12/05/2017 Work Plan updated: (Doc: Work plan 2017-V4  20170407)
06/04/2017 Work Plan updated: (Doc: Work plan 2017-V4  20170407)
16/03/2017 Work Plan updated: (Doc: Work plan 2017-V3  20170315)
15/03/2017 Updated Budget Table and Notes


  • at 17:00:00 Brussels time on 11 May 2017 for Project Outline stage
  • at 17:00:00 Brussels time on 21 September 2017 for Full Project Proposal stage.

General Call Information

ECSEL JU opens two concurrent Calls in 2017:

  • H2020-ECSEL-2017-1-IA-two-stage - Innovation Actions (IA)
  • H2020-ECSEL-2017-2-RIA-two-stage - Research and Innovation Actions (RIA)

Both ECSEL Calls 2017 have two stages, Project Outline (stage 1) and Full Project Proposal (stage 2). The submission of a Project Outline is mandatory, only proposals having submitted a Project Outline will be allowed to submit a Full Project Proposal.
In order to submit a project proposal, applicants must use the on-line tools provided for this purpose by the European Commission through its “Participant Portal”, which can be accessed through the Call pages: H2020-ECSEL-2017-1-IA-two-stage or H2020-ECSEL-2017-2-RIA-two-stage.
Full details of the topics open for proposals, terms and conditions for participation and funding budgets are available in the ECSEL JU Work Plan for 2017.
The topics for all Calls are described in the ECSEL Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP), document ECSEL-GB-2017.78
(Note that the calls in 2017 do not address the “Excellence and competence centres” and the “Innovation support actions”).
Applicants must refer to both these documents in their proposals and must describe their proposal using the Part B template (Pdf) for ECSEL-JU. This Part B template showed here is just for reference; the valid Part B template needs to be downloaded during proposal submission via the Participant Portal at the above mentioned ECSEL Call pages: H2020-ECSEL-2017-1-IA-two-stage or H2020-ECSEL-2017-2-RIA-two-stage.
RIA differs from the IA in the technology readiness level focus and, therefore, in the applicable reimbursement rates. For funding rates of the RIA and IA but also for the national contribution please refer to the ECSEL JU Work Plan for 2017.
Applicants may submit proposals referring to cost items contributing towards the milestones and deliverables of an action that are independently funded by other European sources.
Applicants must contact the National Funding Authorities (refer to the National contact points for the ECSEL programme in Annex 6 of the ECSEL JU Work Plan for 2017) in their own countries before submitting the proposals to check their eligibility and conditions for receiving national funding.
Beneficiaries from some countries require the submission of Part(s) C (please refer to Annex 6 of the Work Plan for more information). The Part(s) C require en encryption/password provided by the ECSEL JU office. The participants are kindly reminded to email the ECSEL JU office to get the password at
Applicants, who wish to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) for an ECSEL JU Lighthouse Initiative, must use the EoI template (pdf) (“3-page document”). The EoI Template shown here it is just for reference; the valid EoI template needs to be downloaded during proposal submission via the Participant Portal as indicated for Part B Template above. NO action is needed for the PO phase. The EoI will only be submitted at the FPP Phase (same deadline). For more details, applicants must refer to ECSEL JU Work Plan for 2017 and ECSEL JU Calls – Guide for applicants 2017.


The tables below show the actual figures of the ECSEL Participating States commitments included in the ECSEL JU Work Plan 2017 as well as all received from them in the meantime. The figures below will be included in the future Work Plan 2017 update that shall be adopted by the Governing Board in due time.

Last Update: 29/08/2017

The overall EU budget (JU contribution) for H2020-ECSEL-2017-1-IA-two-stage and H2020-ECSEL-2017-2-RIA-two-stage is: 160 M€ (1)

The budgetary figures given are indicative. The total public funds awarded by the ECSEL Joint Undertaking to projects arising from this call, following the evaluation and selection of proposals, may differ from the total budget of the call.

Estimated expenditures

EU Estimated expenditure for the IA Call: 92.5 M€ (1).

EU Estimated expenditure for the Call for RIAs: 67.5 M€ (1)


ECSEL Participating State Estimated expenditure (M€)
IAs RIAs Both IAs-RIAs Total
Austria (2)     7 7
Belgium-Flanders     12 12
Belgium-Brussels     1 1
Bulgaria       0
Czech Republic 1.5 1.5   3
Denmark       0
Finland 2.5 2.5   5
France  28.3  3.7   32
Germany (3)     38 38
Greece       0
Hungary     1 1
Ireland     2 2
Israel     8 8
Italy (5) (7) 11.2 17.4   28.6
Latvia     0.42 0.42
Malta       0
Netherlands 10 10   20
Norway      2.2 2.2
Poland     1.5 1.5
Portugal       0
Romania     2.6 2.6
Slovak Republic     0.8 0.8
Spain (4)     6 6
Sweden     5.5 5.5
United Kingdom     0 0
Turkey     3 3
EU 92.5 67.5   160
Total 147.5 104.1 88.88 342.6


(1) Pending the corresponding financing decision to be adopted by the European Commission in 2017 and 2018.
Subject to final approval by financial authorities
The pre-commitment is divided as follows: BMBF EUR 26 million, Saxony EUR 12 million (for participants from Saxony only)
(4) 1M from MINECO, 5M from MINETAD. The contribution of MINETAD could change when the budget for 2017 is approved and the economic scenario changes.
10M€ from MISE, 2.4M€ from MIUR. 15M€ from ESI Funds.


including 1,184,500€ from Lombardia, Pemonte, Emilia Romagna and Sicilia




Information specific to the ECSEL calls can be found in the ECSEL JU Calls – Guide for applicants 2017 document.

If the answer to your question is not found there, please e-mail your question to, giving full details of your question and how we can get back to you. (Note that any personal information that you may provide in this way will only be used to contact you with reference to your question).

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